Whilst the People's Choice Classic was on the Sabbath, the true rest day came the following day. Probably because all the pro's came down with serious cases of Mondayitis. We took the opportunity to chill and participate in some channeling of mad #summervibes through the afternoon before joining some friends in the participation of an evening sunset chasing bicycle ride. Despite the fact that it was the Sabbath a day late, it was down to freshly chilled bottles of Bundaberg Peachee that didn't necessarily save, but absolutely resurrected our day. Grazie.




After the mammoth day we had previous, the morning was close to a complete write off partly due to a 10am sleep in. The weather was too good to pass up, but we hadn't exactly decided what we were going to do. It was during a stop off at the Rapha pop up, and the ensuing iced coffee that helped us hatch a plan for the day:

  • Go and see the ocean. And then swim in that ocean

  • Last night post pizza and beers we ran into a "delightful" "chap" from a bike store in the south eastern suburbs. After drunken promises of ambassadorship were made we decided it would be courteous to go and visit. More on that later, but for kindness sake the bike store will remain unnamed

  • Not to have a repeat of yesterday, where everyone turned into human interpretations of fried, possibly even slightly scrambled eggs at the top of Corkscrew, or on the road back into town

  • Drink the bottles of Bundaberg Peachee we had calling our names in the hotel fridge

  • Join the Treadly MNR ride at 7pm

We weren't necessarily sure of how we would go as the effects of yesterday were still very much present, but after praying to the lord our god (Tom Boonen) and thanking him for his generosity that we were in Adelaide and not in Melbourne at work, we promised to keep morale high.



Alarm song: Young Braised - Special Herbs & Slices (we're talking all 5 parts, but here is the first)

Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness

Antwon - Mr. Intercontinental


A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa



Much like the true heroes of our time, the first installment of "Breakfast of Champions" was ordered at 12.30pm, and considering this was not an all day breakfast establishment, does this even count? We say yes. The location was "Hey Jupiter" in the CBD, the sun was beaming down, we were served by the Monsieur who is unapologetically French (which is perfectly okay) and the second iced coffee for the day which arrived first was killer. Adrian will personally recommend it, if only for the ice cream. Sandwiches of the lunch variety were ordered, Wagyu beef and roasted pork belly. Both hit the spot, and as such now sits as the best breakfast we have had in Adelaide so far, although its only competition was a box of hot chips.



  • Another day, another time Johan and Gene top the "good" list, this time for providing us with life via iced coffee this morning.

  • The bike path out to the coast earlier in the afternoon. Particularly the train of green lights we picked up, and the tailwind both ways. Not so much the bumps of the paved brick surface as you get closer to the CBD.

  • The Treadly crew for putting on the MNR, picking the route and taking us on what is being now anointed as the best climb in Adelaide. The start of it gave us memories of Melbourne with a striking resemblance to Yarra St before snaking around and opening up to give you hella good views of the city. Just a sick f**king climb.

  • Sunsets, suck, twilight, whatever you want to call it for providing premium photographic opportunities, whether with smartphone or point and shoot.

  • The descent of the old highway. Done in the dark tonight, photos during daylight hours guaranteed later in the week. If Le Mans is the home of endurance motorsport, this descent is the home of #cornerlikecaseystoner. We are so happy to have found it a home which resonates with us and the global cycling community on a deep spiritual level.

  • The aforementioned bike shop that we visited. It was as you expect a bike shop to 2006. Add in the fact that you had to climb the Alpe d'Huez of flights of stairs just to get in the door, it was nothing but a regret.

  • The Fanta slurpee from a Caltex in Brighton. Never before have we been so annoyed to have spent $3.70

  • Glenelg. Particularly the main street. Particularly how much Glenelg's main street resembles the cheap version of Acland St. Particularly how much in the middle of Glenelg's main street there is a death trap of a tram stop. Just Glenelg really.

  • EST being closed, so no back to back speck pizza. Burger Theory being closed so no burgers. Instead, yiros. Some of us were that hungry we would have eaten anything, regardless of dietary choices.

  • South Australia and their supermarket opening hours. Although do they even exist? Because we haven't seen any yet.

  • Not being able to chuck a mad bunchie through Rundle Mall at 3 in the afternoon. We just want to give the people what they want, but the law enforcement just won't have a bar of it. As Jonesy so eloquently put it this evening: "What are they gonna do? They don't even have any authority." We feel you Jonesy, we feel you.

  • Second day in a row where the hunger has reached stupid levels whilst still mid ride. We've got to learn. Maybe that's why we are here for a week, because its going to take 6 attempts before we get it right.

  • The thoughts running through our heads as we pay $4 per bottle of San Pellegrino at a nearby "convenience store" because the supermarkets either don't exist in this state or they don't open. If it truly was as convenient as they claim, it would have been at the price of "on the house" on account of our visible dehydration.

  • Hindley St at night, or all f**king day. Nothing but characters. What's the Melbourne equivalent? Dean says "We don't have anything that bad. Wait, maybe King Street."

  • The heat. Again. Forever a recurring theme. Expect more of the same (complaining) as we're pretty sure the forecast only gets hotter.

  • Rides starting at 6.30 (that's in the AM). Are people not aware that we are supposed to be on holiday? If anything you should be getting home from either Red Square or Sugar at that time.

  • Our phone bills, or what they will look like at the end of the month at least. There is Wifi in the guest lounge, but that's on the bottom floor and inaccessible after hours. We could go to the apple store but that might cause Adrian to have a nervous breakdown. Hotspot for now, purchase of an ethernet cable pending.



There's not much to say about the Tour de Beach other than it was damn near perfect. We latched onto the coastal bike path in Glenelg following our daring escape through the death trap main street, and followed it the whole way down to Brighton. Basking in the sun the entire way down, jaws dropped at how much the beaches of Adelaide exceeded our expectations. To be honest we were thinking nothing more than an Altona type situation. We set up underneath the pier and got our chill on whilst up top there was a brief cameo by our beloved segment @bikesanddogs. Surely this is a signal of things (which will be good) to come. We washed sand off and began making our way back towards the CBD, but not after making sure some "skater" (term used loosely) wrecked themselves on the footpath.




Dean was running late so he smashed it through Rundle Mall, shouting the lyrics to the numerous hit songs by N.W.A all so he could make it to Treadly on time for the 7pm roll out. The Instagram monday legends rolled out and made course for Yarra St mkII, with a course that reminded us of the #AdmiralSRLC friday loops. After Yarra St mkII opened up, the road took you uphill towards Mount Osmond. For those that have him on Instagram, Gene has posted about 80 photos of the climb and counting since. We can't blame him as the waiting point at the top of the climb offered some sensational views of Adelaide right to the coast.


Adrian and Alex were running even later than Dean, and missed the start of the Treadly roll out. Instead they opted for a sunset ascent of Green Hill Rd and met everybody on Mount Lofty. With the sun peeking through the gangly trees and completely by accident, they hit the two climbs riding deep in their zones, so their arrival at the top was way ahead of schedule despite stopping for photo opportunities and staring in envy at possibly one of the best chill out spots in the Adelaide Hills. Arriving at the summit as the sun went down allowed for a serious moment of contemplation, with everything and anything discussed. Chemtrails, the universe, Rupert Murdoch, Froomey's power data, the list goes on. By the time everyone arrived at the top it was nightfall, and so began the terrific descent back into town via the old Freeway and bike path. It was on this descent where #cornerlikecaseystoner came well and truly in full effect, even by those without lights on their bikes. As the final stretch of road into town straightened up, lead out trains were formed as that much required sustenance (which wouldn't be pizza as planned, or burgers as back up planned, but would in fact be yiros and chips) were in sight.




Much like our planned, or let's just say required eating has failed us in the last 48 hours, its taken all of a single day to completely omit a church of the day. We hope this wont change the globally recognized (it IS global right?) nickname Adelaide has for itself. Don't think of this as a way to advertise we are anti-religion, because we do know Tom Boonen exists, just blame the heat. It's such a constantly present scapegoat. 2 churches for you tomorrow, possibly of differing religious persuasions. Bonus.