First, let us set the scene. It’s our stage 1, the riders stages 1 to 3. It’s early July, shit is still pretty dreary outside what with the sun setting before dinner time, the chilly breeze and the persistent but not full stormy kind of rain. The Grand Départ for this years Tour de France is a loop starting and finishing in Brussels, taking in some farm lanes and cobbled sectors that prove as treacherous as your winter morning commutes. What a way to ease your mind and body into a few weeks of sleep deprived nights.


Now picture this. It’s a cold, windy July night. The branches of nearby trees are tapping at the windows of your house. Scarier yet is the work of Greg van Avermaet who through nothing but sheer willpower and handfuls of pommes frites nabbed from roadside spectators is PUTTING! IN! WORK! up the Geraardsbergen.


Commonly referred to as fries or chippies here in Australia, you’ll hear them called their traditional name “Pommes Frites” by the Belgians, the French, and any Australian’s who want to seem euro despite not knowing a lick of any LOTE. As evident through Greg’s efforts on Stage 1 of this years Tour de France, the Pommes in Belgian are clearly something special. Now the concept of living off nothing but potatoes and being an Olympic Gold medalist don’t seem to ludicrous after all.


At your local fruit and vegetable shop buy some freshly washed potatoes. Take them home and store them in a cool and dark place. Next pick up your phone. Open, or download the UberEATS app and arrange a delivery of Pommes Frites from your local McDonaalds. When arrived and while still hot, arrange the Pommes Frites into a small serving bowl lined with your latest utility bill or similar. Garnish with a mayonnaise that contains a lot of egg.

Pommes Frites03.jpg

Next up we will be discovering a neighbourhood patisserie that offers a beautiful and delicious refuge from the rain on a typically wintry Sunday morning. Stay tuned!