With the Shimano Supercrit done and dusted for another year just two (2) days prior, as the Directeur Sportif it was my responsibility to get a couple of the boys out in the Hills for a training session in preparations for the 2017 edition of the race.

"Hydration is the key to success..."


We received this piece of advice from a very drunk #mummy at an 18th birthday party once upon a time, and as it turns out, it would be later appropriated by DJ Khaled...who would have guessed it? Either way, who are we to question that Wombo-combo? It's absolutely true that even in the early phases of the harsh Australian summer, hydration is absolutely paramount, so much of my day either behind the wheel or behind the lens was spent handing out fresh h2o, and Tuppaware containers of pasta (we don't do that gel thang).

Today's training route contained frequent 20% gravel sectors to stop at the top and take some #dirttherapy selfies (important), and of course some Sammy Sanchez style descents only to operation kms with the jerseys unzipped back up Inverness Avenue. The training session was finished with a quick test of bike durability through a small fall (with style). After all if our equipment can't handle the rigours of a crash, how are they going to handle the watts we lay down?

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