There’s plenty of opportunity to throw superlatives around during the Tour Down Under, and while on the surface we might seem a little biased over the last few years we’ve been busy gathering photographic, and now videographic evidence to back up the following claim:

Our day one ride is the best day one ride.


Let us tell you a story. Our first visit to the Tour Down Under and indeed the first visit to Adelaide for the Melbourne division of the SBC came during the 2015 edition. Eight whole hours of driving through the wheatbelt of Victoria, the dustbowl of South Australia came to a close with a stunning drive into Adelaide via the fabled hills to the east.

No more than an hour after arriving at our accomodation we were aboard bikes; Dean, Adrian and two mates who have fallen to the clutches of running and dadlife in Riley and Ron respectively. Our first ride, our first impression of riding in Adelaide, a city that back then we knew very little about when it came to life on two wheels took us on an hour long journey which has kept the heart fluttering since.


“This is by far my favourite time of year hey. Fuck Christmas and birthdays and all that, this time of year is just so sick.”


Macedonian Prince


Every year since we have undertook the same ride up Corkscrew and down Montacute from Treadly, returning to EST for pizza’s at sundown. It’s a ride made especially to recreate that feeling of awe, that feeling of “fuck Melbourne is inferior” and to shake off sore, cramped legs from road trip or flight. Along the way we’ve had people pull up in merino jerseys on 40ºC afternoons, we’ve had the chance to meet face to face with people lighting up the Soup Boys group chat for a whole year or more, and we’ve been gifted the opportunity to make each other dry reach and/or vomit when reaching the top of the twisty climb.

This year it would be the GPG crew sending each others innards northbound, paying homage to the SBC on their second take of a perfect evening loop after their introduction to it last year. 


“The most beautiful road dude…”


As for the SBC Adelaide Division? Being held on a Monday night meant that the 2019 serving of the Day One special while extra hot would be with minimal toppings, work commitments and pre-existing blood oaths to smash fest bunchies leading to some omissions. Not far behind the GPG crew however were Adrian and Matty Boi keeping the tradition alive for the SBC, Golden Hour arriving at the top of the corkscrew the same time as they did, lighting up the path back to the city.

Truly special, just as it is every beautiful year.


And so concludes our first piece of loving poetry devoted to this wonderful week that is the Tour Down Under. If you’re here with us in Adelaide for the TDU, we’d be overjoyed to hear whats drawn you in for a first visit, or whats had you coming back again and again.