Last week we closed the curtains on a fruitful, rollercoaster ride but super important era in this the Soup Boys journey. That era/period/chapter is, the vacation of what now has been fittingly dubbed (by requirement) as the original Soup Boys HQ.


Whilst we have existed since the dawn of time, or more formally since the first half of 2013...only for the last 2 years have we had a central hub which in the same way that the walls of Troy represented their fine city, the 22 stairs to the front door of the Soup Boys HQ represented what we stood for. It acted as a pre-ride meeting place for rides headed east or southbound, a post ride hang out where pizza, forests, beers or a BBQ weren't out of the ordinary. More bikes than could be counted have called this building home, permanently and temporarily. Cupboards were dedicated to housing bike parts and bike clothing, and upon the mantle piece sat our crowning glory, purchased from eBay for $35.

We thank everybody who came by to watch stages of the Giro d'Italia by the glow of the heater, bathe in the inifinity pool that captured worldwide attention before its waterfall demise, and all those who came by to celebrate the Soup Boys way of life in its various forms. As for now this certainly doesn't spell the end, instead the beginning of an exciting new chapter. We moved into a new facility this week. One which has more stairs, houses more bikes, allows us to produce more phenomenal content for your eyes and ears, and one that allows us to train and keep our bodies in peak physical condition. The best part of all? It's still in our beloved postcode, so it's nothing but on wards and upwards for the kings of 3032.

2016, Lifestyleadrian z