Red Riding Hood's Nonna dressed as the Big Bad Wolf. Folklaw, myth, legend, the faux Birkin bag of the cycling world and the utter epitomisation of the Soup Boys; The Bridgeo. This bike oozes the sorts of quality you would expect from a faux Birkin too. A headset with no lock ring, a rear cog with no lock ring, a rattle can paint job over bog smoothed tubing, and more play in the bottom bracket than Soup Boys official mascot Molly the cat at midnight.

This bike takes no prisoners, and conquers all that lies in its path. From making record smashing dashes down the Chinatown Gauntlet to stripping cranksets of their square taper and dignity, it's needless to say this bike has seen more action that you ever will.


FRAME: Former Ricardo Elite w/ Tange Infinity Tubing

HEADSET: Hatta Swan

BB: Sugino 75

CRANKSET: Campagnolo C Record

CHAIN: Izumi

COCKPIT: Unknown track bars, Kalloy stem, Champ Yoshida grips

WHEELS: Front - Shimano RSX hub laced to Mavic rim; Rear - Reid special patent Shamal

TYRES: Front - 30 year old 19mm; Rear - Reid standard-issue Kenda racing slick

SADDLE: (??) something fluted seat post, Kashimax saddle

PEDALS: Campy Record track pedals

DECALS: From various purchases of cycling related, and non-related materials, from former workplaces as mementos, and from nights out at the club. Bridgestone decals sourced from eBay.


Shot on location at John Cleese's Manor, Templestowe VIC. Words and photos by Harry.

adrian z