My love for cycling started at the age of fifteen. I bought a white Raleigh ladies racer, got on it and from that moment, I rode absolutely everywhere. It was my only means of transportation which took me to work and on my days off, I would spend almost the whole day on it.

At the age of twenty two, I met some new friends that were into more serious cycling, so with their help and guidance, I bought my first and only serious bike. It belonged to a teenage boy who had outgrown it and its 19” frame was perfect for my height.

Its original color and markings are as you see it now and was lovingly restored by my nephew Harry. When I first bought it, I painted it pink and later white.

The transition from my Raleigh to my Colnago was a incredible experience. The Colnago felt like a Ferrari compared to my beaten up old bomb. The way it would free-wheel made me feel like I was flying.

Cycling was an escape for me, a sense of freedom. On average I cycled 300km per week. I lived in Adelaide then which is a great city for cycling. Not too much traffic and those beautiful hills easily accessible from the city. One of my favorite rides was from home which was close to Port Adelaide, through the city and up into the foothills to Waterfall Gully. After a short stop, I’d fly down the hill to Glenelg and then along the beach back home.

Thirty years on, I still  love my Colnago and will never sell it. I don't ride much anymore, but when I do, I still feel the same joy and freedom.



FRAME: Mid to late 70's Colnago Super, babu sized frame

GROUPSET: Shimano 600 Arabesque

STEM: Kalloy 60mm

BARS: Chair Master 36cm, Brooks Cambium bar tape

WHEELS: Shimano 600 hubs to H+Son TB14 Hard Anodised rims

TYRES: Vittoria Corsa SC Gumwalls

SEATPOST: Dura Ace fluted

SADDLE: Selle Italia Sprint Suede

PEDALS: Zeus Pedals, Christophe Toe clips and leather straps


Shot on location at the Healesville Farm. Words by Elizabeth Toumbos, photos by Harry.

adrian z