Karen’s easiest and possibly her best collaboration, having only commissioned the reincarnate Roy Lichtenstein to add gold polka dots to a regular Tokyo Bike. Bred from a marketing teams love for fashion, cycling, dollars and desire to break into the fashion conscious cycling mums market. This steed has it all, rack basket to carry your 6 pack of chardonnays and Gucci bag, while the relaxed geo allows you to ride wearing any fashionable apparel. The 7 speed shitmano group set with the 32t bail out cog will see you cruising up the steepest house party driveways, with the sider 1.15” inch tyres you’ll bomb back down the stairs half cut with your Gucci bag always sitting pretty in the basket. 


FRAME: Tokyo Bike x Karen Walker collab frame, pearlescent white paint made from actual pearl sourced off the coast of North West Australia by Paspaley. Speckled, 24 carat gold leaf polka dot paint, applied by a reincarnate Roy Lichtenstein. 

GROUPSET: Shimano 7 speed trigger shifter, limited edition 32t bail out gear.

BARS: Wavy ergo moustache bars, shaped by local Italian fine steelworkers. Wrapped in Venetian leather grips.

SADDLE: Hand stitched Venetian leather, pre-worn to perfection. Padding supplied by synthetic padding designed to replicate the feeling of the softest Quail down.

BELL: 1930's era vintage brass, possible ties to French Aristocracy.

BASKET: Cane weave basket, hand stitched by local artisan weavers.

KICKSTAND: Bespoke kickstand, forged from recycled Platinum AMEX cards.


Shot on location at Casa di Lugo, Adelaide. Words by Lewis & Vic, photos by Adrian.

adrian z