A long time before I rode or knew anything about bikes, and before Jack had his license I escorted him and a very bent Eurosport frame around Adelaide looking for leads on contacting Bryan Hayes to repair it for him. I got a deep #steelisreal education from the Enthusiast as we drove about. Years, a dozen bikes and some luck later I was made aware of a Eurosport road frame in my size for sale and it was mine within 5 minutes of seeing the ad. 

The concept I had for the build was pretty simple; super-commuter. My body doesn’t really work like it did when I was focused on endurance sports, so a more relaxed pace is my thing at the moment. Riding around the city/burbs is also way more rewarding than an hour cardio at the gym. 

It’s pretty much a dream. Possibly all I’ll ever need in a bike. With a quick strip down and pedal swap it’s road ride ready, too. I think as the wheels get some k’s on them I’ll get something a bit nicer/more permanent and when that happens the headset will get replaced as it’s had a lifetime of wear before I got to it.



FRAME: Bryan Hayes built & painted Eurosport. Columbus TSX tubing. 

GROUPSET: Shimano r8000, 9100 cranks, 9001 shifters

STEERING: Nitto Stem Adaptor, Thomson Elite x2, Zipp Sl80's

WHERE THAT BOOTY GO: Selle Italia Flite Woven, Thomson Elite

WHEELSET: Fulcrum 7's, Conti GP Classic 25c (scrubbing on the forks)

SPRINKLES: DMR V12 MG Pedals, Skin Grows Back Straps, Elite Cages, Road Runner Burrito Bag for tubes & doobs.


Shot on location in Brunswick, Victoria. Words and Photos by Harry. xx

adrian z