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A team like no other, back to chase glory for a second straight season. Built on pillars of community spirit, ~vibes~ and breaking down the barriers of what the stereotypical cycling team is about, no bunnyhops. Say hello to the Soup Bæs CX for 2018.


In 2018, mostly through self promotion to the next grade above, we are taking things bigger, better and bolder. Based across Victoria and South Australia, you can expect to see us at race days for the Victorian CX Series, for the Crossfire Cup over in Adelaide, and when time and money allows; race weekends of the National Cyclocross Series. Occasionally you might see our dazzling skin suits pop up here and there at Exhibition Races held by local clubs, or out on tour during some extracurricular gravel adventures and organised rides. We’re proudly represented in every grade of Women’s racing, and will be wilding out in every Men’s grade too once our male squad matures, grows and gets their shit together enough to get promoted into A Grade.


Last time Denmark held the CX World Championships most of us were in primary school. In February the biggest CX extravaganza outside of Dirty Deeds CX prologue nights hits the small town of Bogense as riders from all over the globe zero in on their chance for glory. Experiencing winter a few months earlier than our European and North American counterparts means we get an early jump on training, prepping and fine tuning our racing in the lead up to the biggest CX show on earth. This Australian Season 2018 is the beginning of the Soup Bæs CX journey to #Denmark2019.

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Instead of seeking out a takeover from that mad oil money, or a Russian billionaire, we’ve chosen the wholesome and smart approach of embracing the talents of our “local produce”. Our scouts were sent far and wide, and we put our academy side through their paces until ultimately we were able to find a handful of wonderful people to join us on this fun journey throughout the 2018 winter.

To finish off the team we held a nationwide recruitment drive to fill the last 2 remaining spots in both the Men’s and Women’s racing rosters. 50 applicantions recieved meant there were almost 45 more than we had planned for, but after a process that had us reading through fun questionnaires we'd designed, we democratically chose the final 2 members to complete our team. Say hello to them, click on each team members playing card for their social media. Throughout season 2018 we’ll be sharing bios, stats and figures with you all.



Behind every sporting super power is a team working hard behind the scenes to ensure the best and worst image is portrayed through important media channels. It should come as no surprise that this is the exact case for the Soup Bæs CX team. With the help of a skilled media team almost 50 photographers deep, we are able to showcase the sport and the stories within in such depth and from so many angles it was like you were there in person. You'd do well to check out a lot of our skilled friends for more than just their cyclocross related treasures.

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While we have less than 1/5th of the number of sponsors that adorned our team kit last season, the people we have partnered up with have been meticulously curated to ensure they fit our teams philosophy and race mission. Each partnership has grown organically over lengthy periods, and help enrich the community in and out of cycling in admirable ways.


Melbourne based and loved internationally, Pedla are a manufacturer of some of the waviest cycling apparel around. It’s been a long and loving relationship with the crew based in Collingwood – they produced the original Soup Boys squad kit, and immediately jumped on board to help make our team a reality in its debut season. They partnered with us and their suppliers and factory to develop a next level skin suit for our team, with an all new design and fresh new features that will capture the heartens of this seasons crowd and rivals.


Rhyming with the famous colloquial response in which you tell your friends where to go when they roast you in the group chat, Muc Off are globally recognised when it comes to top notch bike cleaning products. They’ve been helping bicycles and their riders stay showroom ready and running optimally since 1994, and for the second season running they are helping us out with bike care needs that could help us finish 20th instead of 25th. With a hamper filled with lubes, protection, chamois cream and massage oils, if Team Sky swears by it then we do too.


They’re based in Berne (Switzerland) and headed up by Eddy the Bear who takes care of quality control AND being the company mascot & logo. Suplest are probably the smallest premium cycling shoe company in the world, and in true Swiss fashion dedicate themselves towards the meticulous production of high performing cycling shoes. For season 2018 they’re our shoe supplier and left sleeve sponsor – bright oranges and blues completing our race day looks fantastically. Say hello to the most ambitious crossover since Beckham and the Adidas Predator.


The employees of your local bicycle shop largely remain the unspoken heroes of cycling. The team at Essendon Cyclery is no different. Over the years of supporting the Soup Boys crew they’ve fixed our jams, bailed us out of pickles and plied their incredible skills to be driving forces behind the scenes of a lot of what we do in this Soup based world. For 2018 we’ve partnered up with them to spread awareness of their immensely impressive work, while they are helping us with builds, accessories, race weekend tune ups and bike bags for when we want to take this show on the road.


Our very own slice of Little Italy, Dolcelatte in Moonee Ponds is a family owned and literally family operated cafe and pasticceria that acts as the finish line to our weekly bunch ride known as the Knifepoint Wednesday. As our right sleeve sponsor they’re supporting the team in a whole host of ways, but the most important of all comes by way of offering us a warm, very, very Mediterranean refuge from the Melbourne winter, a place where we can sip caffé lattes and share a big platter of Cannoli as a squad as we please.


Greenbox Race Engineering was founded in 2008, from humble beginnings in a backyard shed in suburban Wodonga. They specialise in bootleg bicycle modifications, fine tuning services for racing, touring and commuting, and geological surveying and trajectory analysis of CX courses. Having successfully executed Frankenbike projects, custom plasti-dip paint jobs and team car modifications – this engineering, steel fabrication and dream manifestation firm has offered us its services this season.




In this, a World Cup year it is a given that we take inspiration from the world game for the design of our team issue kit for 2018. While not inspired by international football, our kit pays homage to the iconic kits of the 80’s and 90’s. Specifically we hark back to the 1989-90 season away kit of AFC Ajax Amsterdam, a club forever known for their incredible wealth of youthful talent, philosophy of skilful brilliance, and ability to remain a mainstay at the top of European football despite not having wallets as deep as similar clubs across Europe.


Our kit tips its hat to the golden era of football jerseys through patterns and panelling, through the inclusion of numbering on the back: the unprecedented Wavy 69. It screams of cyclocross, as cyclocross kits most certainly should, yet celebrates the team and our ~vibe~ in a truly unique and personable way. The circle game remains catching fans and opponents off guard, the EU and ASEAN emblems are evident in celebration of our teams cultural heritage and unity, and the logos of our community-driven partners adorn the kit in a non intrusive way. Never before has a kit been this busy while simultaneously remaining so perfectly balanced.



Accompanying our team kit is a small range of team-issue merchandise, made available to the public from the start of the 2018 season. Included is team issue beanies, seen as perfect way finding devices when trying to spot friends at the cyclocross, while also remaining immense objects of warmth. Alongside them are our supporter scarves, allowing friends to loudly and proudly show their support for our team, while keeping their necks lovingly held in a warm embrace. Finally Soup Bæs CX presentation jumpers, for layering, warming up, or wearing on the podium. Shop the collection below, you can have items delivered to your door or in person on race day with a high five thrown in for good measure.





Combining the unique perspectives of our team roster and our dedicated #socialmedia team, we’re going to be bringing you exclusive insights into race weekends and gravel based activity throughout the winter months. We will include the lot: pre and post race press conferences, course and race analysis, photography, exclusive interviews, fantasy CX, stories of community legends, sponsor messages and so much more. Cyclocross has never been covered in such depth, for everything else you can head to our team Instagram account for live coverage of races and special edition content.