The Three Unwise Men Postcard

The Three Unwise Men Postcard


To celebrate the misadventures of the 2017 Wagga Beers & Gears, we enlisted the help of the super talented artist and graphic designer, Wagga based Adele Packer. A Soup-friend, she was given an open brief and some spoilers about the route we would take to the Riverina for this annual festival, passing through the region of her home town Bethanga along the way.

Each postcard is printed to order especially for you, and 100% of the proceeds of these go straight into Adele's pocket. You can stick it to your wall, send it to a friend, keep it as a memento for an event that you may or may not have even attended.

Available in 2 different sizes depending on use and available wall space, these cards will be printed on high quality stock from local paper merchants, ensuring the highest quality product from the SBC Online Store.

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