Soup Bæs Team Issue Beanie

Soup Bæs Team Issue Beanie


They made their debut in 2017 before a small (public) run at the end of the season, now they’re back for Season 2018. 

This navy and pink beanie, embroidered with the spaghetti like logo of the Soup Bæs CX team is vegan friendly, and has had its warmth tested in the harshest of conditions; from the hailstorms of Adelaide’s Tropical Cyclone Versace, to days at altitude in the Victorian Alps. Not satisfied with our own rigorous team testing, we hired some rogue Russian scientists who surely know a thing or two about warmth to scientifically verify such claims. Needless to say this beanie passed all tests with flying colours.

!! As a purely grassroots endeavour, we would like to provide complete transparency with our production process !!

Every 3 weeks we will restock our beanie supply, connecting with our les exclusive supplier. These are put together all within our home postcode, the finishing, embroidered touches get taken care of just a stones throw from Soup HQ. We appreciate your patience as we juggle e-commerce with our day-to-day lives, while you wait you are welcome to drop us a line via our contact page or our Instagram DM’s for any enquiries.

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