Soup Bæs CX Supporter Scarf

Soup Bæs CX Supporter Scarf


Stand tall, stand proud, and stand warm. Support the Soup Bæs CX team with this limited edition™ supporter scarf. Join the tifosi in chorus on race day, and look stylish in the process.

We partnered up with a company in the land of the soccer scarf (England) who works closely together with a team in the land of cyclocross (Belgium) to put together these stylish, and very special additions to the Soup Bæs wardrobe. This means you know they’re going to be quality. The weave on these scarves is dense, and comes in a length that can be wrapped around you several times over. It’s like a cup of English Breakfast tea for your neck.

One side is adorned in a vibrant crimson and pink, guaranteed to brighten even the darkest of winter days, while the other side features our team name in big bold letters, and our inspiring team motto in latin, for the #culture and #history: “Don’t Applaud, Just Throw Money”.

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