One last chance to shred the gnar pow, McKayos falls on the closing weekend of the ski season at Falls Creek. Before any the skiiers have awoken, and well before any of the snowboarders have risen to begin nursing their hangovers, the Slalom carparks in the Falls Creek Village are packed to the brim with dual cab utes and mountain bikes.


For a race still in its infancy, the field was big, and it was staaaaaacked. The crew from Essendon Cyclery travelled up the night before, while there were heaps of people up from Melbourne for a weekend of shred joining a huge line of local legends headed for the top of the ski slopes.


Inspired by Megavalanche in France, the McKayos starts up in the snow with a mass start for a few hundred metres of pure chaos. Chaos that is multiplied tenfold with the near 300 strong field rolling out of the starting line in 2018. From there the riders would shoot down a series of ski runs until they eventually dropped into the top of the Falls Creek village.


A series of stairsets would have riders step their way through the centre of the village, coming out right next to the ski-lift and carpark that they pulled up in. A brief respite would follow as the race rolled down the Bogong High Plains road, onto a service road, then onto the Packhorse trail – single track that would head down to Howman’s Gap and towards the finish in Bogong.


The result? Benno snapped a chain and had to scooter it to the finish, Paddy finished right behind him with a busted wrist, a suspected break debunked later that week. The Essendon Cyclery gang came through as a group after getting caught up in a snowball fight at the bottom of the snow section.

Of the locals up top bMac surfed major waves and defended his title from last year, Chris Panozzo coming in third, but all winners in our hearts.

adrian z