As the last Melbourne crit season wrapped up, we asked our resident crit-dawg Okky to tell us, and you the story of his journey. It was published in the first issue of our newsletter, and now – 7 issues later he’s back, this time giving us the current state of play for his crit ambitions for the summer.


It’s that season of early sunrises and blessed views from your cotton winter sheets, morning brew glowing at your bedside. Summer crib season is here!

Summer 2017/18 wasn’t a great start for my first debut but sometimes you need to take the fall, jump in the deep end for things to grow. The start of the warmer months last time out took an emotional and physical toll on my cycling experience, a big crash in the Grampians a major setback.

Now fully recovered and back on schedule training and career wise, I’m ready to start spinning it up again. I’ve got the same hunger that I had when I first started training Muay Thai 11 years ago in Perth’s “Sangmorakot Muay Thai” and “Phon’s” gyms. I was lucky that a friend recommended a Muay Thai gym in Braybrook called “The Ring” and even though I’ve only been back for a few months, it feels so good to be getting the limbs rocking again.


The West Side KOM Hunter Jones has finally become an adult, moved out and bought his own place. All that is left for him to do is sort out the correct Country Road colour palette to decorate his place. It came to my attention that his Wahoo trainer had been seeing less than 69 watts of power over the winter – I’m assuming its a combination of him hunting KOM’s in the real world, and dressing to impress at the local CX races during the winter. To do him a favour I took it off his hands.

Sitting casually on 420 watts (read: 160) on my first session left me surprised, but I’ve since signed up to be a part of an 8 week critical challenge and training schedule, something I’ve needed for a while now. Still coaching and training Muay Thai 3-5 times a week and riding close to 6 days a week I’m feeling pumped and ready.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 11.05.26 pm.png

The National Fixed Crit has me really amped too, I’ve always been impressed with Ballarat since we went there to preview the roadnats, and now I’ll have the chance to line up for the very first National Fixed Gear Crit which is super exciting. Being able to support and represent the local cycling community and support local groups, brands and friends is what riding is all about, to do that on such a grand stage is awesome.


Finishing up I’m extremely thankful for the founding father Track Suit World Champ Adrian who I met under the watchful eye of Steve (Bless up Father) who has taken me under his wing and done what he can to help me get the motivation back. 2018/19 will be a positive and super enjoyable summer I can feel it. If things shape up well I’m eyeing off a possible new experience during the 2019 CX season. I’m also waiting with anticipation to see if I’ll be joined by my brothers in arms in this journey of knee scraping apex cornering and shoulder to shoulder hustling. Holla at me Aaron.

Thanks again for everyone who gives me support, and encourages me to enjoy what I love doing and to be happy. You all are the real MVP’s. I’ll share my training schedule later in the season, but if you spot me at a race come say hey!

adrian z