We hit up the crew, family and friends to give us their favourite, most tongue wagging bicycle related drops for this impending year of 2019. Here they are with little to no rationale. Thanks to the handful of people that answered the call out! It was greatly appreciated & opened our eyes to some real cool shit.



Ernesto's Gold C64 Special Edition

It's been a hot minute since Ernesto had a bike he could shed a tear of joy over. Will notably ditched his for semi-retirement and a Curve Belgie, but this gold number complete with Ceramic Speed jockey wheels as if they were spinner rims.


Michael Schär's TMR01

You couldn't get a more Swiss pairing if you'd prayed by your bedside every night. The BMC Assos kit, the little baby Swiss crosses on the sleeves, all 2.8m of Michael Schär leaning over a crisp, off white aero bike. If Virgil Abloh was gonna dip his toe into cycling hypewear, this right here would be where he would go.


S-Works Tarmac Disc

Trying our best to stick with paintjobs, this one has done a few rounds on Instagram feeds since the new Tarmac's dropped. From the studio shots it doesn't look much, so click here to see what the fuss is really about.


Polygon Xquare DHOne

Remember when mountain bikes, specifically DH bikes were built like they'd just emerged from the depths of Pripyat? Gone were those days, until now, thanks to Polygon. A thick rear "triangle" and just bits and pieces where we're not normally used to seeing bits and pieces characterise this bike and have our tongues wagging for more avant garde trail shredders.


Canondale F-Si Hardtail

On the complete opposite end of the scale is the Cannondale hardtail which follows convention and seems to lend some design cues from roadies with some ultra thin tubing. The left fork (also updated) is niiiiiice and still remains one of the best forks in the game.


Richard Fucking Sachs

It's hard to say for sure, as we don't know how long these things can take, but things might line up just nicely for anyone in the market for a Richard Sachs bike. As of the middle of this year he has less than a dozen bikes left to build before his books reopen after a little sabbatical, let's see what he whips up in the kitchen.


BMC Agonist 01 One

Incredible that this listicle almost has an even share between road and mountain bikes such is the calibre of recent drops. Arguably at the top of the list (we are a little biased after all) is the brand new model the BMC Agonist. We support shredding trails now.


Bicycle Crumbs' Allied Bike Works Alfa All Road

To quote Lana who submitted this one to us:

"Idgaf about best bikes but best paint job of 2018 is this sexy fucking thing."

You're not wrong. Hi-tech paint work. Check more over on Cycle Exif (worthwhile).


Did we miss one?

We need to remain at the forefront of all things hot in the bicycling world. We'll let the indiscretion of failing to submit to our call out slide, help us grow the list of impending fire releases by letting us know what has your tongue wagging. Bike, tech, bike tech, kits, other accessories. If you're really turned on by the latest lights Knog are dropping we don't only want to know...we NEED to know. Add it to the list in the comments below, or shoot us a message and we'll add it to our catalogue of cool shit.

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