While 30 June looms over in the horizon and the entirety of the Financial Industry goes into meltdown mode, we assigned corporate slave Aaron to the drool-worthy Handmade Bicycle Show back in April, before he resigns himself to a fate of spreadsheet crunch time and client coaxing. Here’s his take:


Cereberum wringed, brain juice barely flowed for some write up piece of a day (2 hour visit) that was spent at the handmade bicycle show, time spent hoping to blow up the internet. Flags raised, towels thrown, tee-shirts shredded – I got nothing. Because the guys over at Fyxo and CyclingTips do much more proper reviews, the kind of reviews that us teens going through our secondary puberty could muster.

Instead we ride bikes, talk shit, shoot film. Enjoy some Div. 1 level film shots below.


SBC Top Tip:

Unless you're 1) Close to bringing #newbikeday to a reality instead of remaining in your hentai fantasy, 2) Under a paycheck to write a review or 3) pure content-churning (because Instagram is king these days), there really isn't a set-in-stone reason for your physical presence. Go ride the shit out of your bike and earn some purchasing rights to be at the show.

Agree to disagree ¯\_(ツ)_/¯